Prepare your balls! The Varsity Gay League volleyball season kicks off (not literally, I know enough about sports to know you don’t kick a volleyball) this Sunday, September 11, and runs for eight weeks every Sunday afternoon. Bless their hearts for not making this a Sunday morning thing.

You can show up on your own and get placed on a team or come in a small group of your own teammates. All sexualities and genders are welcome, as are all skill levels. Teams are encouraged to create their own apparel and look, so if you have any costume sketches you might want to bring those as well.

All teams will get league T-shirts, as well as invites to after-game parties, medals, and trophies. Just the thing to proudly display on your mantle!

VGL volleyball season starts September 11 at Garfield Community Center with matches every Sunday from noon to 3:45 pm through October 30.