Wednesday 1/18

Steven A. Sund: The Inside Story of the January 6th Attacks

courtesy of United States Capitol Police and Blackstone publishing

(BOOKS) A GOP that refuses to accept any responsibility for January 6—or even denounce its prime mover, the former president Donald Trump—controls the House. One must see this as nothing but dangerous. It is even more dangerous for us to diminish in a way the magnitude of what was obviously an attempt to overthrow America's democracy. Steven A. Sund was the chief of the US Capitol Police during the assault and, whether you agree with him or not (many believe he failed to lead his officers; he thinks he did everything he could under the circumstances), it is still important to see the coup attempt from his perspective. He will discuss the events and his new book, Courage Under Fire: Under Siege and Outnumbered 58 to 1 on January 6 with Steve Scher at Town Hall Wednesday night. We must never forget what happened on the day Trump tried to become America's first dictator. (Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, 7:30 pm, $5-$20) CHARLES MUDEDE

Thursday 1/19

Acid Tongue, Shaina Shepard, and Smoker Dad

(MUSIC) Last year, I had the distinct honor of witnessing two Acid Tongue sets at the 2022 Freakout Festival. Both performances were totally electrifying—full of guitar licks, sweat, garagey grit, and enough energy to power a small car. The crowd got rowdy to songs like "The World's Gonna Fuck You," a freaky, psychedelic anthem about, well, how the world's gonna fuck you. And I have absolutely no doubt that the Seattle-based band, led by vocalist/guitarist Guy Keltner and vocalist/drummer Ian Cunningham, will bring the same rock 'n' roll, burn-the-house-down spirit to their set at Neumos on Thursday. Acid Tongue will be joined by two other Seattle powerhouses—Freakout labelmate Shaina Shepherd and Smoker Dad. It's going to be impossible not to have a good time at this show. (Neumos, 925 E Pike, 7 pm, $15) JAS KEIMIG

Friday 1/20

Superhero Underwear Night

(PARTY) Citizens of Seattle! The time has come to don your capes and skivvies and fly, nay soar, into the arms of your fellow queer adventurers at the Lumber Yard’s upcoming underwear party where the theme is "superheroes." The journey to the party is not without its obstacles, of course. There’s still a bit of a nip in the air for an underwear night, and White Center is no small trek from Seattle. But do not let a little thing like the cold weather dampen your spirits! Simply think of yourself as a superhero made of fire, burning with passion and determination to reach your destination. Just imagine the scene: the thumping bass of the music, the whirl of capes and the glint of spandex in the dim light. And, of course, the delicious cocktails and the company of your fellow queer heroes. So let us brave the cold and the suburbs, good people of Seattle. For at the end of the journey, there is a party waiting for us, and together, we shall save the night from the forces of boredom and mediocrity. And isn't that what being a superhero is all about? (The Lumber Yard, 9619 16th Ave SW, 9 pm) MATT BAUME

Saturday 1/21

Matthew Dear, Michael Manahan, and Samaha

(MUSIC) Matthew Dear is a techno producer of the first order. He founded the influential record label Ghostly International in the suburbs of Detroit, the capital of techno and he's also associated with one of the masters of the second movement of the Detroit sound, Carl Craig. (The first movement occurred in the 1980s; the second, in the 1990s.) How to describe Dear's sound? It somehow maintains its artiness without ever leaving the demands of the dance floor. This, I think, is a gift he obtained from Carl Craig, a producer who is all about expanding the mind through beat-driven music. There will be no parking on the dance floor during Dear's show. (Nectar, 412 N 36th St, 8 pm, $20) CHARLES MUDEDE

Sunday 1/22

somesurprises, Jeffrey Silverstein, Credit Electric, and Simile

(MUSIC) There is a special place in my heart for Sunday shows. While it may be tempting to stay home and watch whatever prestige drama airs on HBO, I think it's actually best to kick off your week with live music. And this Sunday, Seattle-based band somesurprises is headlining a sweet show at Sunset Tavern. The project of guitarist/vocalist/organist Natasha El-Sergany, somesurprises deals in pure fuzz and wooze, combining shoegazey melodies with a folk sensibility. Songs like "Late July" start small and somber, but El-Sergany's voice and guitar builds the track to reach beyond the sum of its parts to become a sweeping epic. Opening for somesurprises is a smattering of supremely chill performers from up and down the west coast: Portland's Jeffrey Silverstein, Bay Area's Credit Electric, and Seattle's Simile. (Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, 8 pm, $12) JAS KEIMIG

Monday 1/23

Cross-Faded Cinema with DJ Nicfit

(FILM) This month's installment of Cross-Faded Cinema is a must for David Bowie fans. I mean, sort of. Probably. Here's the thing: The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring Bowie as an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth to escape his dying home planet (ironic), is either a brilliant example of vital experimental '70s cinema or goofy and poorly aged schtick that's managed to secure cult-like status because it is so over-the-top-art-house weird. Regardless of where you stand on the film in general, this Monday night DJ Nicfit will present the 1976 sci-fi staple in an entirely new way. For the past year he's been crafting an all-Bowie remix to play along with the movie, Dark Side of the Moon/The Wizard of Oz style. Bowie starred in the film, but the soundtrack was Bowie-free—this is a mash-up decades in the making. Delight in its weirdness! Giggle at the exaggerated sex scenes and postcoital ping-pong! To really go all in on the Bowie theme, grab an Under Pressure cocktail at the bar—Ransom Old Tom Gin, Pierre Ferrand Dy Curacao, and Benedictine are mixed with creme de cassis, guava nectar, orange bitters and soda. (Here-After, 2505 First Ave, 7 pm, $10) MEGAN SELING

Tuesday 1/24

Pagliacci Pizza's Sicilian Cauliflower Pizza

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(FOOD) Seeing as how pizza purists can froth at the mouth over something as innocuous as pineapple on pizza, I can't wait to see how those same snobs react to Pagliacci's current seasonal offering, the Sicilian Cauliflower Pizza. Created in Pagliacci's kitchen with an assist from Macrina Bakery founder Leslie Mackie, this limited-edition offering is a flavorful, textural marvel. There are meaty chunks of tender, gently spiced roasted cauliflower, three different kinds of melty cheese—mozzarella, fontina, and parmesean—and a hearty sprinkling of fresh parsley and buttery breadcrumbs for a nice bright bite and crunch. That right there would be enough for a pretty great pie! But the Sicilian Cauliflower gets shot straight into legendary status with the surprising and perfect addition of... raisins. RAISINS! ON PIZZA! It's the best slice of salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy, and spicy-but-not-too-spicy pizza I've had in a long time. Raisins on pizza forever! (Pagliacci Pizza, multiple locations in the Seattle area) MEGAN SELING