Three-Body: The Original Sci-Fi Series on the Big Screen

(SCI-FI) For those who have never read The Three-Body Problem, and have no interest in reading the book, this is a great place to start, the Pacific Science Center's PACCAR Theater. Here, at this time (7 pm), you will get to see on the big screen the first episode of the Chinese adaptation of what I regard to be the greatest science fiction novel of the 21st century, Liu Cixin's The Three-Body Problem. We have to thank KCTS 9 for making this happen. The local PBS station is streaming all of the episodes (numbering 30) of the series' first season, which covers the first book in the trilogy. Released at the beginning of this year (Jan 15) on China Central Television, whose headquarters is unfortunately trapped in Rem Koolhaas' ugliest building, episode one introduces the key elements of the story, which prepare us for an alien invasion that, on Earth, receives crucial support from a human terrorist organization funded by a North American billionaire. After the screening, run home and begin a binge that will most likely change your life. The book certainly changed mine. (Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Ave N, 7 pm, free with RSVP) CHARLES MUDEDE


Unstreamable: Nowhere 

(FILM) Nowhere (1997), the third film in Gregg Araki’s “Teen Apocalypse Trilogy” that includes Totally F***ed Up (1993) and the hilarious The Doom Generation (1995), is a black comedy that its legendary new queer cinema director Gregg Araki called Beverly Hills, 90210 on acid. The film follows the bisexual Dark (James Duval), his bisexual girlfriend Mel (Rachel True), and their friends on a sunny Los Angeles afternoon before a party. This absurd, horny cult classic was only released on VHS in the United States, but has finally been remastered for 4K. This “Unstreamable” screening at Northwest Film Forum is hosted by Stranger alums Jas Keimig and Chase Burns. Since 2019, their column has covered more than 350 films you can’t find on streaming sites. (Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, various screenings Oct 25-26 and 28-29, $7-$14) VIVIAN McCALL

FRIDAY 10/27 

Once Within a Time with Q&A with co-director Jon Kane and executive producer Steven Soderbergh

(FILM) There aren’t many films that explore the perils of the end of the world that also include a cameo by an iconic boxer. Of course, most films aren’t Godfrey Reggio's Once Within a Time. Absurd yet arresting, it's a kaleidoscopic vision of radical vigor. Though probably Reggio’s most accessible work, with a “narrative” that feels almost like a haunting echo of last year’s magnificent Mad God, it’s also kinetic in a way that proves to be oddly electrifying. The film, with a dynamite score by Philip Glass, is a fever dream about the impacts of technology that never descends into “old man yells at cloud,” as it’s also about the potential of the future. It’s a nightmarish yet hopeful work that challenges just as it elicits earned laughter. Plus, as you come away with many inevitable questions, executive producer Steven Soderbergh (who should really make a film of his own, as he’s got a good eye for projects to support) and the film’s co-director Jon Kane will be in town for a post-screening Q&A to chat through it all. (SIFF Uptown, 511 Queen Anne Ave N, 7:30 pm, $13-$14) CHASE HUTCHINSON


Angel Olsen

(MUSIC) While it's often hard for me to emotionally connect with contemporary indie rock, Angel Olsen's heartwrenching vocals bring me to tears almost every time I hear them. Her voice, which has been compared to artists like Emmylou Harris and Mildred Bailey, seesaws from deep restraint to free-flowing belts, sometimes in a single breath. Olsen will return to Seattle for three nights with tracks from her new stripped-down EP Forever Means and country-tinged 2022 album Big Time. Don't miss opening sets from singer-songwriter Allegra Krieger (October 26), acclaimed folk artist/poet Kara Jackson (October 27), and chamber pop artist Led To Sea (October 28). (Neptune Theatre, 1303 NE 35th St, Oct 26-28, 8 pm, $37.50) AUDREY VANN

SUNDAY 10/29 

The Boulet Brothers

(DRAG) If you prefer your alt-drag shows with a side of gore and guts, you probably already revel in the chaos of the Boulet Brothers, whose punkish brand of eleganza often features bugs, gauged needles, pig brains, and live burial. (Contestants on The Boulet Brothers' Dragula don't exactly sashay away—they're "exterminated" in a freaky death scene. Okay then!!) Grab your goth fanny packs and gag for the duo's ghoulish glam when they drop by the Crocodile Halloween weekend. (The Crocodile, 2505 First Ave, 8 pm, $35-$75, 21+) LINDSAY COSTELLO

MONDAY 10/30 

Seattle Restaurant Week

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(FOOD) During the twice-yearly Seattle Restaurant Week, which runs from October 22-November 4 this fall, a slew of participating restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, caterers, and pop-ups across Seattle serve up special menus for $20, $35, $50, and $65. Nearly 200 restaurants are participating, so it can be daunting to figure out where you want to eat first. To narrow it down, we've rounded up this list of restaurants worth trying so you can make the most of this event. Don't miss Dumpling the Noodle, Korochka Tavern, Ohsun Banchan Deli and Cafe, and, for those of you with a sweet tooth, Bakescapade's pan dulce. (Various locations, see all our Seattle Restaurant Week suggestions here) JULIANNE BELL

TUESDAY 10/31 


(HALLOWEEN) It's HalloweeEEEeeeEEEeeeen! (Please read that in your best Vincent Price voice.) If you are an indecisive Gemini (hi! I feel your pain!) and you need one Very Good recommendation, it is this: Collide-O-Scope's Halloween show at the Egyptian. Collide-O-Scope comes from the brilliant minds of Michael Anderson and Shane Wahlund (The Stranger’s own video wizards!). They string together cinematic masterpieces using found footage from some of the deepest, dankest corners of pop culture. It's always great—they've been at it for over a decade, and you can see them monthly at Here-After—but their proclivities for summoning the truly strange and shocking recorded bits of our history shines like werewolf eyes in the moonlight during their annual Halloween extravaganza. (SIFF Cinema Egyptian, 805 E Pine St, 8 pm, $20-$40) MEGAN SELING

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