(FILM) Watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's Delicatessen, you'll first wonder what's wrong with this fucked up deli. Then you'll question what's wrong with these fucked up tenants. And soon, the whole world seems wrong to you. This 1991 surrealist film set in an apartment building swimming in the mustard-yellow haze of post-apocalyptic France follows a handsome unemployed circus clown seduced by a job opportunity, and a room, in this strange building. He doesn't know that the ad is a ruse and the butcher plans to butcher him. The clown falls for the butcher's bespeckled cellist daughter, and somehow charm and knife skills delay his death—at least temporarily. (Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, November 8-12, various showtimes, $7-$14) VIVIAN MCCALL


Seattle Symphony Presents: Metropolis

(FILM/MUSIC) Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film Metropolis is a stunning German expressionist film about a horrible dystopia released six years before the Nazis took power. Directed by a half-Jewish Austrian and written by a future Nazi—Lang's wife Thea Von Harbou—the film follows the naive Freder, the son of a wealthy business magnate who controls the city. He becomes a total worker-pilled SJW after he follows a beautiful woman into the bowels of the city and witnesses a terrible industrial accident. His father doesn't give a shit, so he decides to rebel. Can Freder unite the workers, fuck over capitalism and stick it to Daddy? The Seattle Symphony will perform the original score for this masterpiece with guest conductor Frank Strobel on Thursday and Saturday. Be warned, the movie is pretty fucking long, but you won't regret it. After nearly 100 years, Metropolis is a joy to watch. (Benaroya Hall, 200 University St, January 25, 7:30 pm, $29) VIVIAN MCCALL

FRIDAY 1/26 

Ghosts of Belltown Closing Reception

Ghosts of Belltown closes Friday, January 26. JAYSON KOCHAN

(VISUAL ART) Tonight Base Camp Studios 2—the new art gallery in the old Bergman Luggage storefront on Third Avenue—hosts the closing reception for its inaugural art show, Ghosts of Belltown. When Base Camp founder Nick Ferderer first took over the long-abandoned space, it was filled with detritus and, as he told Stranger reporter Vivian McCall in December, lots of dead pigeons?? Ferderer invited artists including Brady Black, Amanda Manitach, and Yale Wolf to find inspiration in those garbage vibes (minus the bird corpses). There's a tower of filled-to-the-brim trash bags lit up like an '80s dance club with zigzagging neon lights, murals painted across disjointed surfaces and stacks of discarded beams and wood, and chairs, stools, and shopping carts hanging from the ceiling. Ferderer said that mixing the art with the trash was a nod to how the space existed for so long. “It just screams creativity and almost like you walked into a time capsule,” he said. “In a sense you have, it was vacant for a while.” (Base Camp Studios 2, 1901 Third Ave, 5-9 pm, $15 suggested donation) MEGAN SELING


Nate Bargatze: The Be Funny Tour

(COMEDY) Nate Bargatze was once described as "a comic who should be big" by Marc Maron, and that seems to have been prophetic—the Tennessee-born stand-up comedian has released two highly-rated Netflix specials and started a very funny podcast. As the son of a clown and magician, it makes sense that he's comfy on stage (and that his observations skew weirder than most). If you're unfamiliar with Bargatze's schtick, expect sly self-deprecation and reflections on couponing and memory foam. (Angel of the Winds Arena, 2000 Hewitt Ave #200, Everett, 3 and 7 pm, tickets were available for the afternoon show starting at $26.75 at press time) LINDSAY COSTELLO

SUNDAY 1/28 

Fremont Soupocalypse

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(FOOD) There's nothing like a steaming bowl of something hot, brothy, and restorative to bolster your spirits and ward off the chill of winter. Luckily, Fremont restaurants have risen to the occasion with a "neighborhood winter soup walk" called Fremont Soupocalypse, allowing diners to get their soup fix and support local businesses during their slowest months of the year to boot. Simply amble through the neighborhood and enjoy dine-in and takeout specials from Fremont Mischief, El Camino, Shawn O'Donnell's, Paseo, Kaosamai, Red Star Taco Bar, SWeL, Soul, Nuna Ramen, Triangle Spirits, Petoskey's, The George and Dragon, Esters Enoteca, Dreamland, and Local Tide. You'll collect a stamp on your "soupassport" for each soup destination—if you collect eight or more, you can redeem them at Mischief before February 12 for a free tasting, shot glasses, and a grab bag of local treats. (Various locations Thurs-Sun Jan 25-28, see the full list of participants here) JULIANNE BELL

MONDAY 1/29 

The Zone of Interest

(FILM) If you've been keeping up with A24's films by international directors lately, including solid entries like After Yang and Dream Scenario, you're probably already jazzed for The Zone of Interest, which is a co-production between the US, the UK, and Poland. Filmmaker Jonathan Glazer (who directed the Scarlett Johansson-as-an-extraterrestrial flick Under the Skin) tells the story of a Nazi commandant and his family, who attempt to build a happy life near the Auschwitz concentration camp. Call me presumptuous, but uh, I'm not rooting for them. The film has been shortlisted for Best International Feature at this year's Oscars. (SIFF Cinema Uptown, 511 Queen Anne N, 4:15 and 7:30 pm, $13-$14) LINDSAY COSTELLO


Vanderpump Rules Watch Party

(TELEVISION) Vanderpump Rules is an absurd reality television show on Bravo that revolves around a bunch of 30- and 40-somethings who work at or adjacent to a restaurant—owned by a former Real Housewife—in West Hollywood and I am not ashamed to admit that I love it. My escapism reached new levels last year when the stars of the show got caught up in an explosive cheating scandal—#Scandoval—right after Season 10 filming wrapped. Producers wisely picked up the cameras to capture the fallout and the reunion the stars taped after the season aired was Bravo's most-watched episode to date. It was like pop culture's Super Bowl. There were parties, costume contests, and themed menus across the country. While I generally imbibe in my vice alone, I got wrapped up in the excitement and caught a couple of the episodes at Capitol Hill's Comedy/Bar and it was so delightful to watch the drama unfold with a room full of fellow trash TV aficionados. Surely some of the fire has died down, but Comedy/Bar is once again hosting a Vanderpump Rules watch party for this week's Season 11 premiere so if you still care, go. Let's sip Pumptinis (with and without booze) together while booing every time we have to look at that worm with a mustache. (Comedy/Bar, 210 Broadway E, 7 pm, $10, 21+) MEGAN SELING