DREAM TEMPLE (for Octavia)

(VISUAL ART) Artists Mia Imani and Mayola Tikaka call upon the extraordinary visions of Octavia Butler for this installation, which features a low-lit resting space, an altar, and imagery of Black rest. Head to King Street Station to contemplate Butler's visionary worlds, which counteract intergenerational trauma and stress often experienced by Black people with a "portal of healing and imagining." By the way, Butler prophesized an eerily accurate, destabilized world in 2024, so Imani and Tikaka's rest space has arrived just in time. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can engage with rest rituals, hear interviews, and watch performances by the artists. (King Street Station, 303 S Jackson St, Wed-Sat through May 23, free, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO


A Special Event with Steve Almond: How to Conquer Writer’s Block and the Other Evil Voices Inside You

Steve Almond will be at Hugo House Thursday, April 11. COURTESY OF THE AUTHOR

(BOOKS) Earlier this week prolific author Steve Almond hosted a class at Hugo House to help writers overcome some of the most common—and most annoying—creative obstacles. If you missed it, do not fear! Tonight Almond will join Stranger co-founder and former publisher Tim Keck to discuss Almond's new book Truth Is the Arrow, Mercy Is the Bow: A DIY Manual for the Construction of Stories and also offer hard-earned insight regarding the creative process. Are you plagued by writer's block? Fighting imposter syndrome demons? Dying to tell your story but worried you'll piss off friends, relatives, and/or enemies? Almond can help! Bonus: The bar will be open (with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) and Hello, Robin is bringing cookies, which is perfect because, in my personal experience, nothing gets the creative juices flowing faster than heaps of sugar. (Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 7 pm, free) MEGAN SELING

FRIDAY 4/12 

Eliza McLamb

(MUSIC) I am a regular listener of the feminist philosophy/pop culture podcast Binchtopia—a "Binchie" to be precise (IYKYK)—so, the fact that I will be in the presence of my parasocial bestie Eliza McLamb this week has me shaking in my boots. If you know anything about her podcast with Julia Hava, then you know that McLamb is incredibly insightful about the trials of girlhood, which is the heart of her debut album, Going Through It. Exploring female friendships ("Glitter"), parentified children ("Bird"), social media addiction ("Modern Woman"), and being mythologized by boys ("Mythologize Me"), the album chronicles her own experiences of growing up through tender folk-tinged lullabies and ferocious indie rock anthems. She will support the album alongside the LA-based indie rock project Mini Trees. (Barboza, 925 E Pike, 7 pm, $16-$18, all ages) AUDREY VANN


Tina Fey & Amy Poehler: Restless Leg Tour

(COMEDY) Few comedic roles live on in the public consciousness like Tina Fey's Liz Lemon and Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope—even if you've somehow never watched a single episode of 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation, you know damn well who they are. The comedy queens, who, unsurprisingly, are also BFFs, will celebrate 30 years of camaraderie with jokes, stories, and "conversational entertainment," which I hope involves Tina eating her night cheese. (WaMu Theater, 800 Occidental Ave S, 3 and 6 pm, tickets were still available for both performances starting at $111.50 at press time, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO

SUNDAY 4/14 

Jim Gaffigan: Barely Alive Tour

(COMEDY) Despite being nominated for seven Grammys, Jim Gaffigan still feels like an everyman—like, I think I could talk to him about my landlord's refusal to replace my broken dishwasher, and he'd at least attempt to understand it. I'm probably completely wrong, but you know what I mean, right? Anyway, the relatively family-friendly dude will crack some jokes about his impressive food consumption and the trials and tribulations of daily life on this tour. (Promotional materials report that he lives in Manhattan with his wife and five "loud and expensive" children, so prepare for anecdotes about their antics.) (Paramount Theatre, 911 Pike St, April 11-14, tickets were still available for multiple nights starting at $39.50 at press time, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO

MONDAY 4/15 

Stranger Pizza Week 🍕

The Primo at Ballard Pizza Co. SLU. COURTESY OF BALLARD PIZZA CO.

(FOOD) More than a dozen Seattle-area restaurants are participating in The Stranger's Pizza Week from April 15-21. We've got spots from Northgate to Kirkland to Burien and everywhere in between all slinging slices for just $4 and whole specialty pies for $25. To name a few: 32 Bar & Grill is offering a lobster pizza, Big Mario's has the OG Ranch (with both ranch and buffalo sauce!), Kobo's serving up a Yuzu Smoked Salmon pie, and Stevie's Famous is keeping things simple but still undeniably delicious with slices of CHEESE!, a cheese pizza with a naturally leavened sourdough crust. Yum! (Various locations, April 15-21, see the full list of participants here) THE STRANGER'S PIZZA-LOVING PROMOTIONS DEPARTMENT


Sasha taqʷšəblu LaPointe with Tayi Tibble—Thunder Song: Essays

Sasha taqwšəblu LaPointe will be at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park Tuesday, April 16. Photo by BRIDGET MCGEE HOUCHINS 

(BOOKS) With just a handful of pages to go in Thunder Song, a series of essays from award-winning Coast Salish author Sasha taqwšəblu LaPointe, LaPointe asks her reader, “Are you listening yet?” She breaks the fourth wall, but she isn’t speaking for just herself. With poignant essays that center her own experiences, the Coast Salish landscapes, livelihoods, and people who were lost to colonialism—while unapologetically celebrating those who survive—LaPointe sees herself preventing Indigenous erasure in multigenerational company. She traces the ongoing struggle from Chief Seattle, to her great-grandmother and namesake, Upper Skagit elder Vi taqwšəblu Hilbert, to herself. Read more in our interview with LaPointe here and then see her Tuesday night at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park in conversation with poet Tayi Tibble. (Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE Lake Forest Park, 7 pm, all ages, free) ADAM WILLEMS