This is one of those most-bang-for-your-buck nights at the Evergreen Speedway, not unlike ordering an appetizer sampler at Applebee’s (mozzarella sticks, spinach dip, a quesadilla, AND hot wings!). Not only do you get the big-bruiser, large-car demo derby, there’s a powder-puff demo derby, stock car figure-8 and stinger-8 racing, fireworks, and Mr. Dizzy. The latter you CANNOT MISS. Last time I saw a Mr. Dizzy stunt show, a guy on a motorcycle drove through a wall of fire. Another man sat inside a car while it was blown to bits with dynamite and then walked away. It should also be noted that this man was on fire. (Evergreen Speedway, 14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe,, 6 pm, $16)