If you, like me, have exhausted your ha-ha-ha-please-I’m-totally-fine-with-four-hours-of-“daylight” junk-pop positivity playlists, it’s time to break out the hard stuff. Tonight, Seattle post-grunge metal spirits Helms Alee celebrate the release of their newest full-length, Sleepwalking Sailors, on Sargent House. The trio splits songwriting duties, even within the same track, propelling the album into contrasting dark and dreamy territories—a thoughtfully heavy, drum-pummeled stoner odyssey with dazed harmonies and enough cathartic bellowing to get your blood moving again. Oh! And do be punctual for the tightly drawn post-hardcore/punk of Survival Knife and the blistering grit of Sandrider. (Neumos, 925 E Pike St, neumos.com, 8 pm, $10 adv, 21+)

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