Lifelong, die-hard leftist Deborah Faye Lawrence tends her politics like a gardener and a folksinger: with her hands and her voice. The Seattle collage artist has an alter ego named Dee Dee, a high-foreheaded pre-modern creature who wreaks subversion across Lawrence's brightly cobbled together landscapes. Together they commandeer and remake maps, histories, and laws written and unwritten in bravura performances—but the means couldn't be more humble, just bits of paper cut and glued to form mandalas, new galaxies. This survey has 40 pieces ranging from 1993 to 2013. "She will be singing this song forever, and the variations have served to make the song stronger," curator Susanna Bluhm wrote. (ArtsWest, 4711 California Ave SW,, 1–7:30 pm, free, through Feb 22)