The main reason to admire Johnny Clegg (a white anthropologist) is that he formed popular multiracial South African rock band Juluka with a black gardener (Sipho Mchunu) years before the end of the brutal apartheid system, and years before anyone saw anything like it. Juluka was in itself an act of courage, and the fact that Clegg dressed like an African, danced like an African, often sang in Zulu, and did all of this very well helped to show that being white and being black were not meaningful biological distinctions—culturally, a white man could be fully black, and a black man could be fully white. In 1988, the ticket sales for a Clegg show in Lyons, France, surpassed those for a competing concert by Michael Jackson, and a French newspaper produced this legendary headline: “White man singing black music outsells black man singing white music.” Now that’s cold. (Triple Door, 216 Union St,, 7:30 pm, $40 adv/$45 DOS, all ages)

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