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Those dykes don't look any different from most Seattle women.
Ouch my eyes!
Yup, like I've been saying, Seattle has some of the most unattractive women anywhere. When a Brit thinks your women are ugly, time to wonder why lads.
I think Seattle has some of the most beautiful women of any city I've lived in or visited. Obviously, none of you have been Pittsburgh. Also, Seattle women, gay or straight, look real and not the result of a Michael Bay-esque wet dream.

I'm looking forward to the day I meet a lesbian and think "that's a shame".
Apparently Seattle women are better looking than Pittsburg women! Fisherman's wives versus miner's wives. What a contest.

Who said anything about Michale Bay? If the women here were Only half as good looking as women in Paris, Rome or Berlin, I'd be happy.
Hint, assholes: We're not trying to be attractive to you. Some of us would like nothing better than to be repulsive to you so you'll finally leave us alone. Why is that so hard for you? Go move to Paris, where 18 year old supermodels apparently just can't stop fucking pudgy boys with Xboxes and cargo shorts.
"Some of us would like nothing better than to be repulsive to you so you'll finally leave us alone."

It's not working. All you have done is make yourself look even uglier and all that does is make me want to mock you more.
'We're not trying to be attractive to you'

Trust me, you've succeeded beyond your wildest dreams; it explains why Seattle womyn are so fugly.
'you'll finally leave us alone'

if you're fugly who was bothering you? Even my hound is uninterested.
Five comments in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with you? You're not just bothering us, you're obsessed with us. Leave us the fuck alone if you can't stop being an asshole. Again, why is this so hard?
waaaaaaaaah someone is making fun of typical seattle womyn waaaaaaaaaaah
"Leave us the fuck alone if you can't stop being an asshole."

Trust me, I wouldn't touch Seattle womyn with my dog's dick; I'm just saying, why do they have to be so unsightly?

75% the womyn in this town should be named Pat.
Club Motor? WTF that place is a fucking rave shithole.
Hot Flash mostly has events for women 36+ but I think tonight's event at Neighbours and War Room is open to everyone considering they have capacity for like 1,300 dykes. Even men can go IF they have a girl with them!
i think it's sad that straight girls and gay men are best pals but straight guys & lesbians can't do anything but trade insults.

"straight guys & lesbians can't do anything but trade insults."

Hell, if I were a girl I'd be a fag hag get to hang out with good looking guys who dress well and like shoe shopping.

Sadly, you don't get any of those benefits hanging out even with straight womyn in Seattle.
Shocking - Stupid White Man has no problem with men who choose not to be traditionally masculine but blows a gasket when a woman chooses not to follow the rules of traditional femininity. What's that called - misogyny? Sexism? Social conservatism? Bigotry? Oppression? Hatred? I can't see how it's not all of the above.
"What's that called"

Duh, and only you think that's a bad word, jackass. This is a lesbian post, on a gay blog, on pride weekend, in the 2nd gayest city in the country. What the fuck is wrong with you? Take your homophobia somewhere far, far away.
Honey, you don't have to be gay to be butch! Most of the womyn in Seattle are butch, totally lacking in feminine charm.

Don't blame me for being a chauvinist, I'm half French.
They look like great women to me. Wish I could be there.
celebrate divershitty!
"What's that called?"

I think it's called "Anonymous internet insult throwing from a socially inept, possibly very ugly guy who is having little or no luck getting laid". Now, I personally don't find any of the women in the picture attractive, but in my experience, guys who constantly prattle on about how ugly/mean/stupid women are tend to be the type of guys that no woman wants to sleep with.
Man...stupid white man is the type that just makes me want to reach across the internet and slap a fool in the face. Lets see a pic prince charming. Lets see how fucking good looking you are you chickenshit.
Sorry lads, I'm hardly the first lad to notice how fugly Seattle womyn are!
@16 seriously? gay men and lesbians are best friends? I wish.
I'm coming to conclusion that there is no way to make some straight men happy on Slog. We had to hear two weekends ago how "fat" women at Slog happy were, last weekend the woman fishing in the bikini was too "skinny". The women in this photo look fine, I prefer the man standing behind them, as I'm attracted to men, but they look just fine.
@27: read harder.
sounds like lizzie needs to take the buttplug out her ass
Is bestiality legal in Seattle?
methinks thou doth protest too much, womyn.

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