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It's on CSpan. I wish I was there... stupid fucking economy.
Unfortunately, I agree with Barney Frank: "The only thing they'll put pressure on is the grass." Call your representatives!
The crowd was about 20,000. A few friends called and said the West Lawn was about half full. The West Lawn holds 50,000 people - without stages and secure areas.
McGinn was there, he's got my vote.…
We called our representatives. Hell, we voted for them. And Barney Frank and Obama just told us "Fuck you!" Fuck you self-loathing homos who are willing to attack queers and defend millionaire politicians who talk a lot and do NOTHING. Did you wake up any more equal today than you did on Friday morning?

And the AP reports 300,000 in DC today.
Photos from DC:…

Clearly we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people
Nice logo.
The west lawn was full, and it spilled out into the mall, and the streets as well.

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