It’s true, Katy Perry’s most recent album, Prism, wasn’t quite the neon-champagne-overflow heart-shaped piece of pop perfection that 2010’s Teenage Dream was, but Ms. Perry’s press release for the current Prismatic tour—coming to a dome near you—confirms: “This colorful show will bring you all the songs you know as well as ones from my new album, Prism.” You hear that? COLORFUL SHOW! SONGS YOU KNOW! Photos of the tour so far confirm some pretty off-the-chain outfits (and a pyramid!), plus the poppier-than-ever sister duo Tegan and Sara are opening. Go forth and roar. (Tacoma Dome, 2727 East D St, Tacoma,, 7:30 pm, $20.50–$100.50, all ages)

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