My 30th birthday was last night, the Stranger Genius Awards were the night before, and WHOA am I hungover! What to do? Here’s what I suggest: Wake up and drink water. Then, beg your bestie to bring you a cinnamon roll from the Hi Spot Cafe—they are gigantic and have always beenmy go-to for when my life hurts. Go back to sleep. Get out of bed by 5 p.m. so you can make it to Central Cinema by 7 p.m. forGhostbusters, which is also celebrating its 30th this year. Order the curry popcorn and a bottle of wine (because being 30 means wine), get a little teary-eyed because you feel nostalgic about Ghostbusters, then go home and go back to sleep. (Hi Spot Cafe, 1410 34th Ave,; Central Cinema, 1411 21st Ave,, 7 pm, $7, through Oct 21)

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