I'm recently obsessed with Sacagawea—the young Shoshone woman who saved the lily-white asses of Lewis and Clark on that famous expedition across America in the 1800s. Her story is amazing. Reading this old-timey lit has also been making me think about the simpler food of those days—pemmican, corn, squash, and pumpkin. I love a pumpkin. It's not right to ignore it until Halloween. Phnom Penh, while having nothing to do with Native America and everything to do with being Seattle's only authentic Cambodian restaurant, serves pumpkin at its finest. They cut a small pumpkin in half, make it subtly sweet, and add a magical custard—served year-round, too! (Phnom Penh Noodle House, 660 S King St, 748-9825, 9 am–8 pm, $4)

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