In a typical art exhibition, the body is reduced to an eye-brain. The arms and legs slow down, the mouth closes, the voice box shuts off. What's in the head does all the work. But the artists at Western Bridge this summer address the entire body. Demon Hill, by Julian Hoeber, is an interior room set at an odd angle, throwing off every move—can you think straight when straight is askew? Skyspace Bouncehouse, by Mungo Thomson, is an actual bouncy house—just take off your shoes and you're on—with a cutout at the top, in a takeoff on the straight-faced Skyspaces of Western transcendentalist James Turrell. A blinding-white neon chamber by Carsten Höller is entrancing/entrapping. Feel it with your everything. (Western Bridge, 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444, noon–6 pm, free)