By the time you read these words, this show will undoubtedly be sold out. The noise rock duo Lightning Bolt could fill a venue five or six times the size of Healthy Times Fun Club, but bass man Brian Gibson and drummer/yeller Brian Chippendale are staunchly an all-ages/DIY outfit. Fear not, friend. There are options by which to otherwise experience the visual/audio spectacle of Lightning Bolt. (A) Keep your eyes and ears peeled: Lighting Bolt are known to play a guerrilla-style show just about anywhere. Several years back, they played on a Seattle sidewalk until the police shut them down. (B) Seek out The Power of Salad & Milkshakes, a 2002 tour documentary, call up your friend with the nice TV and sound system, and prepare to be floored. You won't miss them next time. (Healthy Times Fun Club,

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