Sometimes "dance" means something Dionysian: ecstatic, erotic, exuberant. Sometimes "dance" means something Apollonian: rarefied, brainy, structured. Usually those definitions are mutually exclusive—but not here, not now. Dancer and choreographer Amy O'Neal has assembled an evening of ecstatic, brainy, structured, erotic dance called The Lowdown. It follows a rock-concert template and stars the vanguard of Seattle's (and the nation's) modern-pop dance masterminds: the Can Can Castaways (who tickle brains and libidos every week at the Can Can Cabaret), tinyrage (O'Neal's latest dance project), Soulshifters (b-boys and b-girls from the Circle of Fire crew), and DJs PotatoFinger and WD4D. Plus a postshow dance party. (Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave, 877-784-4849, 8 pm, $24, all ages.)