Possibly the best little Chinese restaurant/bar in Seattle, Chungee's may or may not serve Super Authentic Chinese Chow like your Auntie Taitai used to make—I wouldn't know. But their chow mein is currently my number one chow mein in Seattle (and I'm a chow mein kind of guy): substantial noodles with pork and celery and kitchen magic. The Yum Yum Crispy Chicken? Little fried nuggets of divinity. Add an order of seaweed salad and a bottle of beer and you'll forget you ever had an Auntie Taitai. And everybody there is crazy friendly, in a gentle-ribbing-we're-all-family-here way. Relax and enjoy. (Chungee's Drink 'n Eat, 1830 12th Ave, 323-1673, 4 pm–midnight)

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