At the beginning of this month, a couple of Republicans threatened the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery over a work of video art by David Wojnarowicz called A Fire in My Belly. Without having seen it, they declared it anti-Catholic—it contains four seconds of images of ants crawling over a bloody crucifix, the light brutality of which is nothing compared to actual pre-Reformation art—and said they'd look at cutting funding to the museum if it didn't amend its eeee-vil ways. The museum cowed, and now museums and galleries around the country are picking up the video to show you just what "dangerous art" looks like. Greg Kucera Gallery has the long artist's version, the version cut for the Smithsonian, and extra footage. (Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave S, 624-0770, 10:30 am–5:30 pm, free)