Choreographer Pat Graney has given this city some of its best performance habits, and you can see them all over younger artists if you know how to look. She gave us physical ambition (the dream-huge books in The Vivian Girls), literariness coupled with unpretentiousness (her early work derived from Gertrude Stein and Julio Cortázar, but exactly zero percent of her work is about proving how smart she is), engagement with pop culture (Star Wars, bubblegum music), and a social conscience (she's worked with incarcerated women for 15 years). This retrospective—which won an American Masterpieces grant from the NEA—is a three-hour performance of Faith, Sleep, and Tattoo. If you give any kind of damn about dance or performance, this is required viewing. (On the Boards, 100 W Roy St, 217-9888, 7:30 pm, $20, through Oct 24)

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