If you didn't make it to Smash Putt last year, your ass must be sore from kicking yourself. Smash Putt is mechanized mini-golf madness—loud, possibly dangerous, and fun as hell, with a full bar. The Astroturf chaos is now located in the old INS building in the ID, meaning "3 cozy jail-cell lounges" and room for lots of new holes. The Driving Range, in which you get to shoot golf balls out of a cannon-gun, is more powerful and insane than ever, with a "resonant target zone" by sound artist Paul Kikuchi. I have no idea what that means, but I desperately want to shoot golf balls out of a cannon-gun at it. Fore! (Smash Putt, 815 Airport Way S, www.smashputt.com, 6 pm–midnight, $11–$15, 21+, through Oct 17)