One night not long ago, we pocketed flasks, broke into an abandoned warehouse south of downtown, and boxed until the sun rose to pick the 2010 Stranger Geniuses: Susie Lee (visual art), Marya Sea Kaminski (theater), Jim Woodring (literature), Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede (film), and Shabazz Palaces (music). Read all about them on page 13. The party will be serious. Shabazz Palaces will play, along with sets by Trouble Dicso and Emerald City Soul Club, and the generalized yelling sounds of the fucking thrilled. It's about love, y'all. And if you wear something outrageous, so will we. (Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave,, doors 9 pm/Shabazz 10 pm, $8, 21+)