Two elements are missing from your summer desserts: neon purple and strange textures. Go to Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine on Beacon Hill and order a bowl of halo-halo (Tagalog for "mix-mix"). The near-glowing dish will arrive at your table frosty and bright, full of colorful things you don't recognize. Be brave. You will like langka, macapuno, and gulaman. Your first bite might be crunchy or chewy or smooth or creamy, but it will be uniformly refreshing and delicious. There's ice cream, shaved ice, sweetened black and white beans, plantains, jackfruit, jelly squares, coconut, and flan. Halo-halo makes ice cream hella boring. (Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine, 2503 Beacon Ave S, 325-5692, 9 am–9 pm)