If you're not sweaty, dancing, and slightly drunk by the end of this show, you're doing it wrong. The Knast have been kicking out charming, boyish rock 'n' roll grooves for a few years now and build their songs out of twining tendrils of fun and yearning. They sound like kids in sweet, summery heat. The Greatest Hits, another bunch of hometown boys, have a glammy, druggy strut: part Bowie and part Ramones with the occasional Beach Boys ooh-ooh-wee-ooh sliding beneath the chorus. "Let's go to the local store/I'll get the beer, you get the—you know." With the garage-party sounds of the Parallels (Vancouver, BC) and Bare Wires (Oakland). (Funhouse, 205 Fifth Ave N, 374-8400. 9:30 pm, $6, 21+.)

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