Chain & the Gang's latest dispatch from the front lines of their fugitive war on American-style "liberty" (freedom as a McDonald's menu) is a 7-inch record extolling the virtues of "Privilege" on the A-side and "Detroit Music" on the flip. The Detroit shout-out makes sense given bandleader Ian Svenonius's subversive take on Motown funk and soul and MC5 rawk over the years. "(I've Got) Privilege" similarly illustrates his intellectual style: It's glib, (self-)satirical, and equally, if contradictorily, grounded in both radical idealism and grim realpolitik. Oh, and he's a squealing demon onstage. With Golden Triangle and Turbo Fruits. (Crocodile, 2200 Second Ave, 8 pm, $8, 21+.)

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