Dungeness crabs live in the mud in Davey Jones's locker, eating pretty much any old thing they happen upon. They look like alien-demons: pincers and horror-mouths and beady eyes. The only sweet thing about them is how they mate—face-to-face, locked in a protective embrace, for several days—and how they taste. Now available on Sundays and Mondays at Monsoon and Monsoon East: dinner for two in the form of a whole two-pound Dungeness Saigon pepper crab, served with a mango and papaya salad, for $28. Also: bottles of wine, 30 percent off. Yum. (Monsoon, 615 19th Ave E, 325-2111; Monsoon East, 10245 Main St, Bellevue, 425-635-1112. 5–10 pm.)