The Eclipse is a ghost story about the living. In fact, it might not have any ghosts in it at all. In the thick of a coastal Irish town's annual literary festival, Michael (Ciarán Hinds) is seeing apparitions that he knows must be in his head: hissing, clawing, rotting corpses; in corners, in closets, in the passenger seat. He's also dealing with the death of his wife, parenting two good kids, and shuttling visiting authors around town (Aidan Quinn, obnoxious, the villain; Iben Hjejle, beautiful, the love interest). Though The Eclipse suffers from a certain aimlessness, the photography is gorgeously austere and the performances unimpeachable. And the message: The Eclipse is not about the dead walking among us; it's about how utterly and painfully not-there they are. (See Movie Times.)