Jake One is the only producer in town (indeed, the only hiphop artist in town) who has a solid national reputation. One reviewer for the Washington Post recognized him not as a star from Seattle but simply and respectfully as a "longtime G-Unit knob-twirler." He's made beats for 50 Cent, and there is no higher point in mainstream rap than that. Philadelphia's Freeway is also from the mainstream (the Roc-A-Fella realm), and his recently released collaboration with Jake One, Stimulus Package, marks his arrival in the underground. Stimulus Package is not about the union of a former Roc-A-Fella rapper and a G-Unit producer, but the union of Philly and Seatown sensibilities. With Fatal Lucciauno, J.Pinder, and Logics. (Crocodile

, 2200 Second Ave, www.the crocodile.com. 8 pm, $12, 21+.)