You already know that Blue Scholars are world-historical (marking hiphop's shift into global cosmopolitanism). Das Racist, from Brooklyn, mark a different shift: into the playful inversion and deconstruction of hiphop. At first, thanks to a YouTube sensation, people thought they were clowns. Then they wrote essays, critiqued Sasha Frere-Jones for "trying to kill rap," and released some better songs: "Me and Maya Angelou playing double Dutch/she's got a bubble butt, she said, 'I like you, too'/Then we smoked two Dutch, that's a double Dutch my dude/I really like her views; yes, you could say Angelou's my muse." For Das Racist, theory is fun. (Showbox at the Market, 1421 First Ave, 628-3151. 8 pm, $16 adv/$21 DOS, all ages.)

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