America (or at least America's smarter, better-looking citizens) learned to adore Justin Bond as the bitter, alcoholic chanteuse of Kiki & Herb. When he came to the Triple Door last year, some doubters in the audience wondered whether they could love Bond solo as much as they loved Kiki. The lights dimmed, Bond strode onstage in a dress made from scraps of tranny porn, stared down the audience, and slowly sang in his rich, sinister, whiskey-and-tobacco voice: "They say it's the New Depression, so why am I filled with glee? Everybody's coming down quickly—now they can all join me." The doubters shuddered with pleasure and sighed with relief: Bond is, was, and always will be a genius. (Triple Door, 216 Union St, 838-4333. 8 pm, $22 adv/$25 DOS, all ages.)

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