Stick around for the Strange Boys' fine, weirdly sunshiney garage-psych nuggets and Lovvers' bashed-out three-chord fuzz, but know that the real highlight here is Chain and the Gang, the latest mod-funk agitprop soapbox of Nation of Ulysses/Make-Up mastermind Ian Svenonius. Chain and the Gang set Svenonius's conspiratorial rants, leftist lessons, and oddly compelling vocal yelps against a loose-swinging rhythm and blues that's not so much retro as stone-cold classic. It's Marxist/Situationist lectures delivered as soul-man gospel, and it makes for one groovy, edifying time. With Night Beats. (Comet, 922 E Pike St, 322-9272. 9 pm, $10, 21+.)