The three basic states of dryness in ceramics are wet, leather-hard, and bone-dry—and this show is about the unfixed first two. Seattle-based artist Susie Lee, who studied at UW's experimental ceramics program (where nobody made just ceramics), has organized this show, including fascinating artists at all stages of their careers: recent UW grad Ben Waterman, L.A. stars Kristen Morgin and Sterling Ruby, Stranger Genius Wynne Greenwood, Japanese phenom Meiro Koizumi, UW elder statesman Doug Jeck, and beloved formerly Seattle-based (now New York–based) photographer Tim Roda. Complementing the show is young conceptualist Caleb Larsen's first solo outing at Lawrimore. (Lawrimore Project, 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231. 6–9 pm, free.)