MCs Terry Radjaw of Mad Rad and Sir Thomas Gray of Champagne Champagne are notorious for a few things: drunken debauchery, wild live performances, and their beards. Both men will enter the patio-side basketball court at the Funhouse, but only one will leave with his facial hair intact. Indoors, hirsute and shorn alike will enjoy sets from some of Seattle's finest and funnest hiphop crews—from the glitzy and adroit gab of Fresh Espresso to the chronically cartoonish raps of They Live! to the ridiculous booty bass of Lamborghiniz (to the un-Googleable whatever of We Are Not a Cult). (Funhouse, 206 Fifth Ave N, 374-8400. 7 pm, $8, 21+.)

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All Aboard: Sound Transit celebrates Pride Month
No matter where you were born, the color of your skin or who you love, all are welcome here.