Like Huckleberry Finn and 2 Live Crew, Mad Rad are currently enjoying the intoxicating combination of critical attention, divisive debate, and street cred that only being banned—in this case from Neumos and a handful of other clubs—can buy. Love them or hate them, they are on the mass mind, and while some may not dig their flippant, flipped-out brand of party rapping, there's no denying that Mad Rad excel at what they do. For the haters and the connoisseurs, tonight also features Fresh Espresso, Mad Radder P Smoov's more "serious" project (is sampling "Mr. Roboto" serious?) with MC Rik Rude. With Gran Rapids and Wizdom. (High Dive, 513 N 36th St, 632-0212. 9 pm, $6, 21+.)

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