Thanksgiving can be a real drag if you're culinarily disabled, friendless, or Native American. If you're one (or all) of the above, wash away those blues with shots of Wild Turkey at a handful of bars like Linda's, Hooverville, or Seattle's best dive bar—the Baranof, which is hosting a potluck! (On the list so far: deviled eggs and pea salad. The Baranof is providing the turkey.) If you want to protest senseless turkey murder, Squid & Ink in Georgetown is hosting a vegan dinner for $15. Call in advance. (Linda's, 707 E Pine St, 325-1220; Hooverville, 1721 First Ave S, 264-2428; Baranof, 8549 Greenwood Ave N, 782-9260; Squid & Ink, 1128 S Albro Pl, 763-2696.)