Seven years ago, this violist stunned a gathering of Seattle viola students with Salvatore Sciarrino's masterpiece Three Brilliant Nocturnes. Awestruck by Sciarrino's sorcery of near-silent bow strokes and gossamer harmonics, students crowded the stage for a look at the sheet music. Knox returns to Seattle to tout his stately new disc, D'Amore, with works for the little-known viola d'amore, a rustic, woodier-sounding cousin of the viola. Knox will play Three Brilliant Nocturnes and Iannis Xenakis's La Legende d'Eer, an electroacoustic classic infested with gritty rasps and squirming textures. (Meany Hall, UW Campus, 543-4880. 7:30 pm, $10, all ages.)

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