"The banality of all things is The Mystery," Magritte once wrote, and home | bodies might have taken that as its motto. An installation and performance in the old INS building, home | bodies follows two dancers—Aaron Swartzman and Aiko Kinoshita, who have a history of fluid and tender duets—through five rooms and a day, from the brushing of teeth in the morning to bed. Etta Lilienthal designed the rooms, arranging domestic objects into a bizarre landscape (a field of glass tumblers, a mist of white undergarments, a carpet of eggshells, windows suspended in midair), and composer Amy Denio has conjured a soundscape from washing machines, crickets, and birds as well as instruments. They make the world strange again. (UMAMI Performance at the former INS building, 815 Airport Way S, www.brownpapertickets.com. 8 pm, $12–$25.)