Jennie C. Jones, born in 1968 in Cincinnati and now based in New York, calls herself "a formalist and a minimalist at heart." In grade school, invited to a sock hop, she asked her mother to make her a poodle skirt—but her mother responded that she wore pencil skirts and listened to avant-garde jazz in basements in those days. That was Jones's birth of the cool. When you enter one of her shows, you sense it immediately, that melding of black history, music history, art history: A tangle of black iPod earbud wires hangs on the wall, or a sleek trio of minimalist metal sculptures—one in the form of an eight-track holder, another a record sleeve, the third a cassette box—sits on a tabletop, the epitome of refinement and remembering. (Lawrimore Project, 117 S Main St, Suite 101, 501-1231, 11 am–5:30 pm, free)