It doesn’t matter which day you go to Portland’s Time-Based Art festival—its ratio of diamonds to coal is always excellent. Two things to be especially excited about this year: (1) zoe | juniper, the Seattle dance/design duo that marries the balletic with the bestial, explores the aesthetic possibilities of bile and gold leaf, and just won a prestigious Princess Grace award for choreography. (2) The Method Gun, which I saw in Austin in 2009 and have been pining for ever since: A bunch of neurotic, cultist theater artists in New York with a guru who’s gone AWOL press on with rehearsing their insanely stupid interpretation of A Streetcar Named Desire. There’s also a loaded gun, a murderous and hilarious talking tiger, and a shockingly gorgeous finale. Whichever day you go, take the train. It’s more relaxing that way. (All over Portland,, prices vary)