David Sedaris


He was awesome!

Sometimes The Stranger is a walking stereotype.
Who is David Sedaris? And what is this "NPR" of which you speak?
@2 That blog states that his audience hears him read from his books. I'm pretty sure that last night he mostly read material that hasn't been published yet for a sort of trial run. And he played a recording of a reading from another author he really likes.

Maybe an unimportant detail but it takes a little zing out of SWPL's jab.

Plus I resent one of my genuine interests being chalked up to being white, privileged, and ~worldly~, when I myself feel pretty regular, from a lower-middle-class upbringing and whathaveyou. Not to mention that David Sedaris has some interesting and funny insight on race.

Or maybe I'm being too uptight. Oh well!

Right on! Walking stereotype is absolutely right. Privileged white people are so boring and predictable. And, I'm sorry, but the guy isn't THAT funny.

he's super funny and is totally worth getting into..but not for $36-$45. You can get a lot of Sedaris for that price at any used book store and listen to him at any moment of This American Life...he used to be on every episode.
I saw him the last time he was in town, and maybe it was just me, maybe my expectations were set too high, but i was underwhelmed.

I love his books...
I think Click and Clack are funnier than David Sedaris.
What about Carl Kasell on WWDTM? I think that show is pretty funny.
The Stranger recommends an NPR homo? What a huge surprise.
You know what, I used to think Sedaris was funny but afterawhile he just is not that interesting. He's almost a one or two trick pony.

Sorry, wouldn't want to waste my time or money in 2009 for him; 6 years ago? Maybe, but not now.