'This American Life—Live!'


Dan Savage tears 4 u!
Yep, I'm going back to see it again tonight - what I've been referring to my friends as 'returning to Return to the Scene of the Crime".

And like last time will probably be still in tears for my whole drive back home.
Why doesn't SLOG acknowledge the conflict of interest over this event - repeated let alone the first time around - being shown at Cinemark theaters all over California?

I'm not trying to indict Dan Savage or tar and feather him or even hurt his pride.

I think an acknowledgment that a sold out crowd in San Francisco where the only option is at a Cinemark theater is the least Dan Savage could do.

C'mon Dan - there is a boycott in place. The CEO of Cinemark gave $9.999 to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. You support all the boycotts that were launched after election day.

Say something - to us at least, if not to TAL about this horrible situation.
so i emailed Dan about this but whats up with no showing in Seattle? I went to the website and there was only tix for showings in 'burbs...... come.on.seattle ....geez, Dan is even in it.... Why are we not worthy of an Encore showing?
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