'Cairo Time'


I really enjoyed reading the movie review in the printed copy of The Stranger.

But it made me realize, no matter how many times my brother has sent me vids and pics and postcards from Cairo, that I'll always prefer Morocco's urban choices to those of Egypt.
but but but.... i thought tourism is one of the downfalls of our pitiful society?
She's not really a tourist in the movie. Her husband works at the UN and he's stationed in Cairo but frequently out and about beyond the city.

More of a tourist by circumstance, than by trade.
I have to say, I have experienced that waking up at dawn in cairo and wandering around in the light thing, and it is incredible there.
This movie had potential and looked very nice but was overall disappointing and perhaps a little cliche. It's not more interesting than the summary up there makes it sound, unfortunately. But at least the "Arab man" in question made for some nice eye candy.