The best mob movie ever made??????? Really????? How is Goodfellas better than The Godfather? Or Mean Streets? Or Miller's Crossing? Or Scarface? Or Bonnie and Clyde?

I like Goodfellas too and it's a good Stranger Suggests but come on. You're talking crazy talk.

I think every Slogger should suggest a mob movie that's better than Goodfellas. And then David Schmader should apologize to us all for his nonsense.
I will never apologize for speaking the truth.
I disagree about the "greatest soundtrack" part. Scorsese's soundtracks make the mistake of only using "greatest hits" from a particular era, and really hammering them at the audience. In comparison, although Tarantino's soundtracks are sometimes too clever by half, I'd pick any of them over Scorsese's.
@1, Bonnie and Clyde is not a mob movie. @4, I bet Tarantino will make a mob movie with his trademark lookit-me kind of soundtrack, just as soon as he dreams up a narrative framework he thinks can support an hour and a half of mafiosos getting revenge-murdered in escalatingly cutesy-pie ways.
I think there are two ways of looking at a soundtrack when it's comprised of previously recorded material: cool choices that stand on their own and how the picks fit into the actual film. Obviously these perspectives are not exclusive but Goodfellas is probably the greatest synergy between what's happening on screen and the song playing. The climax to Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into The Fire" is, in my opinion, the best pop-music movie scene in history
Absolutely best movie ever. Brutal, amazing music, and heartbreaking. The single-shot steadycam through the Copacabana is breathtaking all it's own. The story behind it is pretty incredible, too.

It's a tossup between the first two Godfather movies and Goodfellas. The other mob movies (meaning not "Bonnie & Clyde") @ 1 lists are terrific, but are also-rans in this contest.
Goodfellas is terrific entertainment - Scorsese at the top of his craft for sure. The blu-ray disc is really well done. But yeah, nothing beats seeing a film like this on a big screen, with an audience, as @ Central Cinema.

I also love the epic "Casino", which seems to get shortchanged when compared to Goodfellas. It's sort of a sequel, also based on true stories, and it is tremendous fun to watch over & over.

Besides the other obvious mob flick choices - Godfather I & II - I'd also add "Donnie Brasco"...Johnny Depp & Al Pacino are magnificent, and Michael Madsen is wholly believable as a ruthless mob boss...what's amazing is that the story - with some inevitable artistic liberties - actually happened.
#9, I too think Casino is way underrated. It has two of the great sleazy/venal performances of all time in it, Joe Pesci as Nicky and James Woods as Lester Diamond. Also, Sharon Stone is totally awesome in it--such an unlikeable and awful character taken to the red....
Best use of the song " Then He Kissed Me" EVER. And how can i get my hands on the two dogs and a fisherman painting?