enough with the fiddler, the goyim, the kvetching who stole chanukah, the cursing of christmas.

it's getting a bit tiresome.

@1 ..why do you bother here today of all days,if you're so tired ? an atheist jew hating christmas troll who thinks that christmas would be better without evrybody else but people that agree with him. tiresome indeed. as we kids used to say ' it takes one to know one'
celebrate something positive, give something positive, make your hole a better place. or begone, before somebody drops a house down on you.
oh and.. merry christmas.
yikes @2 ....overreact much?

@3 nope.. be positive NOW dammit !
ah a welcome bit of humor. irony even! congrats, you have dispelled the portlandia parodying image.

and repetition, wow, it's the the best form of...what was it?

[btw any post starting with "enough with the...." can't be deemed anti jew. mazel tov and ...

It's hard to be Jewish. It's hard to be Jewish. It's hard to be Jewish in Russia, yo.

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