Quail Eggs


Wait ... isn't this in Belltown?

I hear they mug people there.

Weird, I've lived in Belltown 4 years (in fact I rarely leave) and have yet to be mugged...

Stop being ignorant.

Recent crime statistics show that crime is spread out throughout the city, and if you read past the headlines you'll often note that the victims were in some way involved beyond "wrong place wrong time." While in no way am I hiding my head in the sand, I live in Belltown and walk at all hours of the day and night, including the early hours of the morning when the cops are sleeping(?) I understand you meant to be snarky and get a laugh, but you missed. Crack dealing and begging and guys wearing Ed Hardy and emulating the Jersey Shore cast are unfortunate elements of living in my neighborhood, but they're correctable with time, I don't come out to Applebee's and talk trash about where you live. Mostly because I wouldn't want to visit your neighborhood, wait, unless there's a Sam's Club. See you this weekend. Will you be the one paying $15 to park your SUV with the giant stereo?