Southern Kitchen


Oh, yeah. So, so good. The only problem is deciding on which two sides. If you get a third, you may have trouble getting out of your chair. But they won't serve chitlins to dopey white boys from the North, so don't even ask (they're on the menu, though).
the food is terrfiC! the portions are large. the company is friendly and inviting. and there's no place like it for miles around.
Dear hordes of people that would ruin The Southern Kitchen by overcrowding it,

It's not that great. Stay home.
I would like to echo #4, SK is a tad overrated.
I was just there this weekend and the beef brisket & fried green tomatoes were delicious. My friends all agreed.

My husband said the fried chicken wasn't as good as the brisket and that Ezell's is better.
Pretty shocked. Thought the meal I ate there was the worst food I've had. Ever. In life.