Valentine's Bash with Dan Savage



How come a married guy is hosting a thing for singles?

Can you go one single day without a promo for Dan Savage and his superior lifestyle? It's getting old.
Damn, Dan. I never heard about this before and I've been reading The Stranger for 10 years. Sounds effing awesome. Good thing I live in Southern California.....

Yeh, going on lame daytime talk shows & touring colleges to talk to the kiddies about sex is far superior than anything the rest of us might be up to. Puh-lease.

Maybe Dan & you buy into this bullshit, but the rest of us know better. They're just promoting the dude since he's high profile & that brings more bucks in.
@2 & 4, It's soooo offensive you just had to stick around? Guess that tells us all about your sorry lives!