Sharon Needles


This should have been really fun and amazing. It was not. I don't blame The Stranger for recommending this, but have to say it was a big let down which provided an immediate and intense reaction of getting ripped off. Surprised there wasn't a SLOG post this morning regarding the (oh so brief) appearance of Ms. Needles. Anyone else feel the same?
YES. I should have gone to see Latrice Motherfuckin' Royale instead. This show was a total bummer - if I wanted to dance to a DJ for four hours I could have gone somewhere else for way cheaper. I though it was supposed to be a drag show but there was no Jinkx Monsoon, no Alaska Thunderfuck, and then Sharon Needles was on the stage for LITERALLY only 10 minutes. Hi Fashion was good, I don't know about SSION because at that point I was pissed about the Sharon Needles letdown, and left. I want my money back.
Yeah it was pretty much 135 bucks for 2 tickets a few beers and
A photo with Sharon. I wished she did a few of her numbers but yeah she
was on stage for a song and a speech and she was gone.