‘The Book of Mormon’


How long will this be available? I haven't been to a theater production of anything since Christmas plays as a kid, but I can't afford going to this for at least a month.
it runs through the 20th? 22nd? something like that. i went last night - it was sooooo great. definitely find a way to make it happen for yourself if possible, because wow.
Are these sold out? I tried buying tickets today for a show on the 13th but it said there were none available.
As it says on the main page on the Stranger Suggests when you click on the link:


WHEN: TUES-THURS AT 7:30 PM, FRI AT 8 PM, SAT AT 2 AND 8 PM, SUN AT 1 AND 6:30 PM. THROUGH JAN 20. ($25-$545)

After Dan Savage saw the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon, he went on Keith Olbermann’s news show and gushed about the brilliance of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s musical masterpiece for 10 minutes straight. Reports from the road say the touring production is just as mind-blowing as the original. The entire run of Book of Mormon at the Paramount is sold out, but there will be 20 $25 rush tickets available by lottery two hours before every performance. (Paramount Theater, 911 Pine St, stgpresents.org, 7:30 pm, $25)


Yes, it is sold out, so the only way to potentially get a seat without a ticket is to hope to be selected for rush seats.
@2: Thanks for the reply. Turns out it's on through the 20th (I just remembered I know how to Google), which gives me a sad.

@4: Thank you also for the info. You're right, I shoulda seen that, but years of obnoxious school flyers printed in red ink to grab my attention ironically trained my eyes to automatically skip over any red type. I'm still shaking that behavior, it would seem.
@5 - No worries :) Hopefully you can afford the steep discount rush tickets IF you get selected before the run ends. I am considering trying for a rush show or two (since I forgot it was playing until it was too late).
This has been sold out for a long time. Kinda mean to suggest it.

There haven't been a ton of people vying for the lottery the past two nights (maybe 100-150 tops?). But since the winner can get two tickets there's really only about 10 chances to win. Sadly, I haven't won yet.

We saw it opening night. It was awesome, even with the rough bits (a few times mics weren't activated on cue, one mic popped backstage when unplugged while still on, and lights during the last "hello" song didn't work on the front ladies, stage left). Music was hilarious, the set well-designed, and we had a great time.

There was an empty seat next to us, so I'm not sure what happened there...