The Inhabitant Sessions


Further details and tickets may be found here: http:/ Dinner is served at 7pm. Limited seating.
Sounds like an evening of torture. I assume there will be a mass suicide at the end?
Nah, I call bullshit. Either Mudede wrote the blurb, or Graves is trolling us with her Charles impersonation. "Weight, humor, and socialism (in several senses of that word)"? That's right out of the Mudede book of important-sounding but meaningless crap.
Where will the event be streamed live?
My only consolation in being out of town and therefore missing this, is that if I had been in town, I would have been at work, and therefore missing this.
Charles Mudude is by far the most pompous, dumb, and completely un-funny employee of the stranger. I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to see him "perform".